Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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Season | Early Spring
Time | 8:10 am
Total Members | 4
Males | 2
Females | 2
Total Kudasais | 0
Allies | 1
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PostSubject: Join the Pack   Join the Pack I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 19, 2013 11:46 pm

Interested in joining the pack, guests? Perfect! You came to the right place, just look below to find some information on the pack, decide what rank you want, and fill out the form that will give you permission to register! Though make sure you read through the rules and understand them before filling out the form/code found at the bottom of the page

Who Are We?
Who are we and what is our pack you ask? Well, we are the Shinsei pack members, wolves that have stumbled across a territory in Japan! Our pack is a fun and exciting pack to roleplay in, featuring contests, polls, role play events, fun games, and the main event, role playing! There is a total of 9 differant places in and out of the pack territory, including the Bamboo Forest, Showering Falls, and even the Training Arena. Interested? Keep scrolling down!

The Ranks:

Shuhan ▮ Shuhan's are the leaders of the pack, giving out orders, making the decisions of the pack, making sure everything is going as planned, and they are deeply respected and are to be listened to at all times

Sutanto ▮ Second in command, these wolves help the shuhan's with their work and they take over when the shuhan's are away, they order out patrols, help pack members, and are basically the shuhan's loyal assistents, they are also respected and need to be listened to

Isha ▮ The healers of the pack, they must know of the herbs and world around them so that they may heal their pack members. They are trusted 100% when it comes to healing and treating others

Satsugai ▮ These are the hunters of the pack and they are extremly important if the pack plans on surviving and eating, they hunt the prey around the territory and they know where to find it, they make sure the pack is well fed and full

Samurai ▮ The warriors of the pack, they keep kudasais from straying onto the territory along with other threats, they are great at fighting and they must know when to attack, dodge, or give up, they are the ones who protect the territory and members from predators

Sukauto ▮ The scouts and explorers of the pack, they go off to gather herbs for the ishas and they also explore the territory, searching for land that would be of use to the pack or more animal herds or a new soarce of water

Sensie ▮ The mentors of the pack, training the romajis to become adult wolves. They must be farely good at every skill so that they may teach the verious Romajis the rank they wish to be, they are constantly found training with romajis in the training area

Tokei ▮ These wolves are the ones that look after the koinus while their parents are away, they are great with pups and they must guard the koinus with their life, they usually stay in the den and protect them, they must care for and feed the young ones

Romaji ▮ Romajis are the yearlings of the pack, ranging from 1-2 years old and training with their sensie to be the rank they wish to have when they are an adult, their only job is to train hard, learn respect, and to become a full member of the pack

Koinu ▮ The koinus are the pups of the pack, reaching the ages of birth-1 year old. They are heavily guarded and protected and they have no chores or jobs to do but to start to think of a rank they wish to be when they are older

Saikyoh ▮ These are the omegas, shamefull wolves who have been given this rank for a wrong doing, these wolves are not honorable and help everyone around the pack, doing all of the unwanted chores

Kudasai ▮ These are wolves who have not joined the pack and do not want to, have enough time to, or meat the requierments to be a full time member, these are the loners that roam along the territory, some are friendly and some are aggressive

Just think of a wolf character to role play as, fill out this form/code, post it on this topic, wait for my acceptance, and register as a member! So what are you waiting for? Fill this out!

Wolf Name~
Desired Rank~
Fur Color~
Eye Color~
Unknown Answer~
Why You Wish To Join?
How Active(1-10)?

Note: The Unknown answer can be found in the `general rules` forum which you must read befor joining

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PostSubject: I wish to join please.   Join the Pack I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 1:08 am

Wolf Name~Sachi
Gender~ female
Age~ 2 years
Desired Rank~ Isha
Fur Color~ light red with white markings
Eye Color~ sapphire blue
Scars~ silver-white star on forehead
Personality~ Fun and bubbly, acts like a pup when you get to know her, but is very timid and shy around strangers.
History(optional)~ It's extremely long, and would be best saved until you accept me into the pack (if you do) and I will post it with my bio.
Unknown Answer~ koi fish
Why You Wish To Join? Because it seems like a fun pack and I love to rolepaly.
How Active(1-10)? 8/9
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Join the Pack
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