Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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PostSubject: Kyona--Shuhan   Kyona--Shuhan I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 4:31 pm

Kyona--Shuhan Kyona_10
Name ▮ Kyona
Nickname ▮ Ky
Gender ▮ Female ♀
Age ▮ Three years and two months old
Birthday ▮ January 20, 2010
Birth Place ▮ Japan
Species ▮ 89% timber wolf and 11% red wolf
Pack ▮ The Shinsei Pack
Rank ▮ Shuhan
Desired Rank ▮ Shuhan
Fur Length ▮ Medium though it is still thick
Fur Texture ▮ Straight and stuck out
Fur Color ▮ A mixture of creams, tans, and blondes as a base coat with darker black and brown streaks of color on her back, up her neck, and on the tip of her head
Right Eye Color ▮ Light Brown
Left Eye Color ▮ Light brown
Flecks ▮ Gold
Length ▮ 6.4 feet long including tail
Height ▮ 29 inches tall
Weight ▮ 92 pounds in weight
Overall Build ▮ Ky has a muscular frame with strong legs, long tail, slender chest, wide set ears, narrow muzzle, and sharp fangs
Markings ▮ Her tail has a crook in it at the end
Scars ▮ Kyona has one scar on her left shoulder and a smaller scar across her flank, both are invisible under her thick fur
Wounds ▮ None at the time
Personality ▮
Adventurous: Kyona is willing to seek out new and daring enterprises, excited to go off on a journey that may lead to wounds or even death
Bossy: She is self assured in her actions and has no problem telling others what to do and how to do them, if she sees something that is not being done right, she will correct it immediatly, even if it is a small misdoing or the biggest wronging of all, she will make sure everything is going right and she isnt afraid to tell you what she thinks
Brave:Ky is invulnerable to show fear or intimidation, she displays courage and strength, never backing down and always excepting a challenge aslong as it is a noble one
Cunning She shows inventiveness and skill in what she is doining, she is confident in her every move and stride, marked by her skill in deception and she has a crafty quick mind that eases her sly personality
Gallant: Kyona is lively and is noble in what she does, she has complete confidence and spirit inside her, displaying her persona of dignity strongly. She never gives up and has a strong will to do what is right, stay free, and do as she pleases
Positive: She has a positive charge, always seeing the silver lining in every situation, even when their is none that others can find
Prudent: Kyona is careful and sensible,despite her over confidense and bravery she still thinks before she acts, considering all choices and debating if her decision is sincere or not
Sly: Ky is marked by skill and deception, playing off pranks and questions that she already knows the answer to, she asks in vivid uncertanty, yet she usually knows the real answer inside of her
Rebellious: She is always ressiting control and authority of others, yet she is a shuhman herself and she does the complete same to others. She isnt good with others bossing her, telling her what to do and when to do it, she prefers to ignore others of the same rank as her but in other packs, this can sometimes lead to independence and refusal, other times it can lead into a fight

Likes ▮ Japanese serow meat, bossing, hunting, swimming, running, howling, and exploring
Dislikes ▮ Leopards, people, guns, domestic dogs, and members who do not listen and obey her
Habits ▮ Twitching the tip of her tail when frustrated or angered
Fears ▮ Getting rabies, humans attacking, getting shot
Skills ▮ Fighting, swimming, and she has a beautiful howl
Weaknesses ▮ Her over confidense can lead to a snobbish additude towards annoying wolves and she also holds grudges
Father ▮ Jiro(retired omega)
Mother ▮ Masakai(retired hunter)
Brother ▮ Sykou(warrior)
Brother ▮ Daik(alpha male)
Sister ▮ Akari(disceased)
History ▮ Kyona was born to dispersal parents so she had no pack at the time, she grew up with just the 5 wolves who were in her family, Jiro, her father, Masakai, her mother, her two brothers, Sykou and Daik, and then her one runt of a sister, Akari. They lived a rather slow and calm life for the first 3 weeks of their life, however Akari was losing weight dramatically. She weighed half of what she should have for her size and she was only growing weaker. Soon she could barely lift her head. Her parents were worried for her, not sure if she was going to make it, so eventoually Jiro went off to find help, perhaps a healer wolf from another pack or a loner who knew a thing or to about herbs. He was gone for 8 months, during that time Akari died only weeks after Jiro had left for help. So now Kyona at 9 months old had a missing father, a dead sister, two abnoxious brothers, and a mother who was suffering from depression. Ky couldnt stand it, watching her brothers play all day and her mother slumped in the den, barely ever getting standing up and allowing her pups to catch food and feed her. So, Kyona decided to leave, this was no life. She had no fun and she barely learned anything about life, the outside world, or any survival skills since Akari died. At 10 months old Kyona finally got the courage to leave her territory. She went off alone into the wilderness, exploring the area and learning she loved it, much more than being cooped up around her old den. She ventured through several forests and plains, sleeping under the stars and beside trees. Though one day, when she was finally a full 2 years old, she caught the whiff of a wolf pack. Being curious, confident, and adventurous now, she wondered foward, following the scent until she could detect certan scents of wolves, and what did she smell? Her very own father and her oldest brother, Sykou. She eagerly continued to follow the scent and she almost reached the packs den, when she was stopped by a large burly male. The brute reminded her of her younger brother, Daik, and that was exactly who it was. He took her to the new den and Ky had a reunion with her family which were all their. Just a few months after she had left her family her father had come back and told them of a pack, her family had went back and joined the pack. Jiro was a warrior along with Sykou, Masakai became a succesful hunter, and Daik was a guard. After stories of what had happened, Ky decided to rejoin her family and into the new pack which had an alpha by the name of Desik. Deski gave her the rank exlorer, as that is what she liked to do, and she joined the pack as a full member. However, one day her father was fending of an asian black bear that was trying to raid the camp and he was slashed badly, giving him a fatal wound which made him stop fightin and fall to the ground. In the end several other warriors joined the fight and the asian black bear left the area, though Jiru was now blind and badly wounded. He was immediatly given the rank omega by Desik, however, Daik was furious. His father had been defending the territory with his life and this was how he was paid? Given the rank of shame, an omega? He didnt believe his father deserved this so Daik challenged Desik to a duel for alpha, in the end Desik lost and was banished from the pack. Though by that time, both Jiro and Masakai were rather old, reaching the ages of 7 years old, so Daik decided it was best to retire both of his parents as elders. Kyona was ranked as lead explorer, as was Sykou ranked as lead warrior. Kyona was greatful for her rank and she loved the pack, though she started to feel another calling, she couldnt help but feel jelous of Daik for his major accomplishment of being alpha. She hated herself for that and she knew she would never fight her brother for anything, so she finally sent her sad reguards to the pack and her family, she turned and started off on her own as a loner, wishing to be an alpha one day, though she decided to change everything. If she was going to make a pack of her own, she wanted to change the names of the ranks and be in high control, she wanted her pack to be perfect. She searched for the longest of time, already being two years and eleven months old she felt she needed to hurryand claim land before older dispersal wolves ound land that would be perfect for her. One day after searching for months, she finally reached a shallow cave entrance, she decided this would be the perfect place for a den and new home so she checked for other scents of wolves who might be claiming this territory however she found none. She quickly claimed the den and surrounding aras as her own, her mind set on creating a strong pack
Theme Song ▮ .....
Motto ▮ Give it your all or dont do it at all
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