Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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 Kaiden | Runaway Monarch

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PostSubject: Kaiden | Runaway Monarch   Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:56 pm

Theme Song~
"Rise of Defiance" Aggressive Epic Choir Orchestral Beat
(link soon to come)

Full Monarch Name~
Sir Kaiden Conrad Zornel

Preferred Name~

A Masculine

A somewhat mature Two Year Old.

100% Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus Baileyi)

Shinsei Pack

Current Rank~

Desired Rank~

Kaiden is medium, somewhat bulky. He weighs around 70-80 lbs.

Unlike other Mexican Wolves, Kaiden is built slightly larger then his past bloodline of generations. Kaiden has hidden muscles under his pelt, and his talons are dull but can cause minor effects on his targets. Kaiden’s canine teeths are sharp and fatal, he can bite into his enemies giving them deep pain.

Body Description~
Kaiden has a varied of coat coloring to him. He has mixtures of black, gray, white, red, and brown. His front face has a black line coming down from between his ears stopping in the middle of his eyes or eyebrows. To his neck and chest, Kaiden’s pelt has a mixture of black and white with small flecks of red. Back to Tail he has different array of black, white, and grey. Around Kaiden’s stomach and legs is large amounts of red, brown, and white. His red markings go down his legs, and there is white surrounding his underbelly, and under legs. Kaiden’s fur is meduim in length and its texture is thick, soft, and silky. His pelt will look bright and full of colors shone under the sun but when the light is dark his pelt will have a more dull and less bright coloring on them.

Eye Color~
Kaiden’s eyes are bright emerald. He has no flecks of any color, but just simple light green. Even though Kaiden has a simple color, they are full of life, bright with spirit, and pure like diamond. His emerald orbs, has an mysterious and trusting feeling to them. But if Kaiden is feeling down, his green eyes can turn dull and sad. Others can also tell how he is feeling just by looking into his eyes, expression the emotion he is feeling.

Currently None.

A small white crown marking on his forehead, representing his royalty.

Kaiden is a difficult male who does not easily understand himself, he tends to wear on an emotionless mask, to hide his feelings from others. He has different emotions running through him, that he inherit from his father. Kaiden can be an easy going wolf that can adapt to changes and surroundings. He can show aggression towards others with reason but the chance of him being a jerk towards others is slim. Kaiden is actually a pretty nice wolf, who is absent minded, zoning out of a conversation and going into his own little world. He can have a temper to others who disrespect him or to other wolves. But he respects everyone and will accept the choices of others. He can be very shelfish and stubborn at times but only those close to him would know. If he meets someone for the first time, Kaiden will create a shell around him, closing his true emotions from others and act like a emotionless wolf. But if you manage to crack his shell he will show his puppish like self. Even though he has different emotions, he remains a calm, quiet and stable minded wolf who will sometimes show his unattractive side if needed.
Guarded, Friendly, Absent Minded, Stubborn, and Easy Going.

Sitting Alone Underneath a Tree
Observing the Night Sky
Having Fun with his Pack

Monarchy Life

- Zoning Out
- Going into his Own Little Dimension
- Staring into Others Eyes

= Claustrophobia (Extreme or irrational fear of confined places.)

: Stealth
: Easy to Make Friends.. because of his Easy Going Nature
: Causing minor/major injuries with his keen fangs
: Sensitive Smell and Hearing

[] Female Wolves (His Crush)
[] Being Overly Friendly

Currently None

Currently None

Currently None

Father| King| Conrart| Alive
Mother| Essie| Queen| Deceased
First Eldest Brother| Prince| Ken| Alive
Third Youngest Sister| Young Princess| Ihana| Alive
Fourth Youngest Brother| Young Prince| Elliot |Alive

Best Friends~
Currently None, but hoping to find one.

Currently None

Known Wolves~

Disliked Wolves~


Arch Enemies~

(My Newbish Story)
Kaiden was born from a royal family. He was the second oldest son of King Conrart and Queen Essie. Kaiden had three siblings, the eldest was Ken the first born of his family and the one next in line to succeeding as the families new King. Kaiden was the second, his sister Isana was third, and his youngest brother Elliot was fourth. Kaiden didn’t really care that he was of noble blood, and he knew that he wasn’t suited to leading others. He was more of a lone wolf, doing his own stuff and watching others from a far distance, but he knew he couldn’t survive on his own so he sticks with a pack. Things were slowly changing in Kaiden’s family, he had to act more noble, respectful and had to be more like a royal wolf. Kaiden was beginning to feel impatient with them, and decided he wanted to find another pack to live in and be normal. Kaiden instantly knew when he turned 1 years old that he didn’t want to be a royal wolf, but more of a normal wolf that didn’t have to listen to strict discipline. Royalty wasn’t what Kaiden wanted, he wanted freedom and a normal life. When Kaiden turned 2 years old he ran off, leaving his royal family. While traveling alone in the world, he had unexpectantly bumped into his brother Ken who had also ran away from the royal family, feeling pressure of being the next heir. Kaiden and Ken didn’t stay together for long, instead they both went their separate ways.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaiden | Runaway Monarch   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:30 pm

Great biography, Kaiden, bio exepted! You may begin roleplay whenever you like Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiden | Runaway Monarch   Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:15 pm

Kyona wrote:
Great biography, Kaiden, bio exepted! You may begin roleplay whenever you like Very Happy

Thank you, Kyona! ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiden | Runaway Monarch   

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Kaiden | Runaway Monarch
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