Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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 Hiru's Howl

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PostSubject: Hiru's Howl   Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:10 pm

"You can know me.....
Just ask, and be ready to listen."

>Tнє Basїcs<


Hiru is male

2, but looks and acts younger.

50% Dire
35% Mexican
15% Grey

>Киошп & Dёsїяёs<

Shinsei Pack


Desired Rank:

>Дppєaґaиcє: Оцтsїdє<

Fur Length:
His rather long fur is 2 inches in summer
And 2.5 in the winter

Fur Texture:

He has very thick, yet rough fur.
During the winter, he can hardly feel the cold because of
How thick his fur grows

Fur Color:
His main pelt is dark grey, while his tail and hind paws are a pure black. Around his eyes are a circle of lighter grey which fall into a tear formation to his muzzle.

Eye Color:
A bright yet faded golden

His only major scar is one from his top neck to his stomach.

>Дppєaґaиcє: Sїzё<


31 inches to the shoulder

6ft and 4inches from tail to nose

He is slightly smaller than most males, but that means he is more narrow for running. Most of his weight is his muscles which cover his legs and body. His frame is firm and he has very strong legs for jumping at strangers.

>Дppєaґaиcє: Mёитal<

He is a kind wolf with many manners. He will respect those in high ranking even if he doesn't agree. He is loyal to those who deserve it. But if he gets mad, he shouldn't be approached. His faded golden eyes will turn to a fiery burst of flames when he is humiliated. He greatly frowns upon getting even with others, mostly because he thinks it's immature, and he could easily the most mature wolf you'll find.

Hiru very much enjoys being treated with respect. He also likes seeing others happy; or in a good mood. He likes to be somewhat in control of his own life. Elk and Jackrabbit are his two favorite foods, and he really likes stream water.

He dislikes liers; they are disrespectful. Sadly, he hadn't ever been too fond of pups. He doesn't like the concept of 'love'; he thinks it's a waste and whomever chooses to love will regret it, much like he did.

Hiru tends to brush his paws against the ground often, and almost all the time, Hiru has his ears pulled backwards; it's not even comfortable, he just does it.

His pack dying, being hated, surprise attacks from enemies.

He is very good at hiding his emotions, and Hiru is a very skilled warrior.

He is slightly smaller than most males, so they tend to pick on him a bit. His hearing is weak, mostly because his ears are always back.


It's already been explained; Hiru doesn't fall in love. And especially to the point of being mates.

No pups

No lfeelings from this brutes cold heart goes to anyone.

Lyphe: Father (Alive)
Maydoon: Mother (Dead)
Havvie: Brother (Alive)
Hayluah: Sister (Dead)
Hiduor: Brother (Dead)

Best Friends:

Perhaps soon a friends might be made

Known Wolves:
Hiru sadly knows no wolves yet.

Disliked Wolves:
Dare he dislike another wolf?

Only his own troubled self

Being raised in a strict and mannerful pack, Hiru was taught: "First comes manners. Second respect. Third is fairness." And they also told him love was a huge waste, and finding a mate would be useless. He followed that law, but then found a female he soon started to love. It turned out, she was a spy from a different pack and they were aimed to kill Hiru, himself. He decided then that love really was a waste, and joined another pack to take his mind off things. The pack also frowned upon love, but their main rule was: "Fight and Kill". Hiru trained to be a crazy, great, and powerful warrior against strangers. He soon had to leave because be was eventually getting more powerful than his trainer, and was framed by his trainer from jealousy.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiru's Howl   Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:10 pm

Very nice bio, Hiru. And welcome to the pack, cannot wait to see you in roleplay!
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PostSubject: Re: Hiru's Howl   Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:17 pm

Thank you. If I may, I will begin role playing now? You could start if you would like.
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Join date : 2013-03-14
Age : 18
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PostSubject: Re: Hiru's Howl   Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:41 pm

No problem. And sure, you may begin roleplaying whenever you have time or feel like it. I have just posted a moment ago on the Shinsei Pack den, you can go ahead and start your roleply wherever you want to.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiru's Howl   

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Hiru's Howl
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