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 The Bell Store

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PostSubject: The Bell Store   Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:29 pm

This is the bell store. Not sure what bells are and how to earn him? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can see how to earn, lose, and spend bells...so keep reading!

How To Earn Bells

◀ When you first join(5 bells)
◀ When you complete a goal on the wq forum(5 bells)
◀ When you are chosen as PMotM(5 bells)
◀ When you are RPotM(5 bells)
◀ When you think of a contest/game everyone enjoys(5 bells)
◀ When you win 3rd place in a contest(6 bells)
◀ When you win 2nd place in a contest(8 bells)
◀ When you win 1st place in a contest(10 bells)
◀ When you get someone to join the pack(10 bells)
◀ When you become a lead in your rank(10 bells)
◀ When you recieve the sutanto rank(30 bells)
◀ When you recieve the shuhan rank(50 bells)
◀ When you reach your 500th post(50 bells)
◀ When you reach your 1000th post(100 bells)
◀ When you are active and I am in a good mood(depends)
◀ When you do something that pleases a shuhan(depends)

How To Lose Bells

◀ Becoming inactive(-5 bells every month)
◀ SPAMing alot(-5 every other SPAM post)
◀ Cheating or lieing(-30 bells every time)
◀ Being rude and disrespectful(-50 every time)

How To Spend Bells

◀ Name Change(10 bells)
◀ Gender Change(10 bells)
◀ Age Change(10 bells)
◀ Eye Color Change(20 bells)
◀ Fur Color Change(30 bells)
◀ Personality Change(30 bells)
◀ Rank Change(30 bells)
◀ Have Chatbox Powers For A Week(40 bells)
◀ Become A Lead For A Week(40 bells)
◀ Be A Sutanto For A Weekend(60 bells)
◀ Be A Shuhan For A Day(80 bells)
◀ Ability To Creat A Roleplay Event Using Your Options(80 bells)
◀ Character Change(edit your entire wolf to your liking,120 bells)
◀ Roleplay A Second Character(must be accepted by me, 200 bells)

Check back often just in case something is added. Also, if you have any ideas on what I can add just PM your idea or post in the suggestions topic

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The Bell Store
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