Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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 Pup Information

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PostSubject: Pup Information   Pup Information I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 1:41 pm

Pup Information

◀ To have pups with someone you must have a mate
◀ You and your mate must agree on having pups
◀ You and your mate must both PM that you wish to have pups
◀ I MUST except
◀ Once I except, you and your mate will need to decide how many pups you wish to have
◀ PM the bios to the pups you wish to have and I can post them on the wq thread to try to find people who wish to rp as them
◀ You cannot rp as your own pup
◀ No mentioning in detail the actual birth
◀ Be appropriatly realistic as possible, pups are not born running around barking
◀ Make sure you want the pups, they will be your full responsibility
◀ You must be active to have pups
◀ The pups can only be born when all pup slots are filled
◀ I will PM you more info if you decide to have pups

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Pup Information
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