Welcome to Japan, where lone wolves have stumbled across the territory and joined togther to create the Shinsei Pack!
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Season | Early Spring
Time | 8:10 am
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 Mates and Crushes

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PostSubject: Mates and Crushes   Mates and Crushes I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 1:06 pm


◀ To have a crush you must be a romaji or older
◀ If you crush on a wolf and they do not crush on you back, do not throw a fit!
◀ No rapid crush changes, you cannot crush on a wolf for a day and then choose another wolf and then another wolf...and so on
◀ You might want to get to know a wolf a little bit before you crush on them
◀ No bi wolves! You must crush on someone who has a differant gender than you


◀ Mates stay inside role play, you are not really mates or anything like that outside of rp so do not act like it!
◀ You must be a adult to get a mate
◀ You must have concent from ME to ask a wolf to be your mate
◀ If you do not ask before becoming someones mate, you will no longer be allowed to get a mate for 1 month
◀ As I said above, no bi wolves, you can only become wolves who are opposite gender than you
◀ You must have been in the pack for at least a week before becoming any ones mate
◀ You can only be someones mate if they are around your wolf's age, you can not have a 2 year old wolf pair up with a 5 year old wolf, that is just wrong!
◀ A 1 year old(at the most) differance is the preffered age differance that you have between your mate hough 2 is ok...I guess
◀ You can only have 1 mate
◀ No mention of the actual physical `mating` should be mentioned
◀ Think carefully before you ask someone to be your mate or accept someones mate request!
◀ If you or someone else decides to disobey these rules, this priviledge will be taken away immediatly, either forever or for a certan amount of time... so do not disobey!


◀ Demating is frowned upon in this pack though it IS allowed
◀ If you wish to demate your mate than you both must agree
◀ You both must PM me 3 reasons why you wish to be demated
◀ If your mate is banned, disjoins, or is no longer active, than you will no longer have a mate
◀ After demating a wolf you cannot get another mate for at least a month

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Mates and Crushes
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